A silicon mind and human heart

Generative AI is a collaborative tool that is depended on human input, but that will also raise the human level of creativity

Aligning an orchestra

Why professor Frido Smulders advocates an ‘entrepreneurial dialogue’ within large organisations

The creative benefits of the coronacrisis

How Covid-19 stimulates innovation and a guaranteed income turns hobbies into jobs

Separating fame from paint

Why celebrity artists reap greater rewards than creative ones – not just at Christie’s

The creative work environment

A model explaining the relationship between an employee’s creativity and the organization’s ability to innovate

Ceci n’est pas un Duchamp

How the story around the most influential piece of art of the 20th century just got rewritten.

Art with an extended arm

Why primates can’t use creativity to make art and why artificial intelligence can – in a few decades.

The Architecture of Creativity

How Apple’s state of the art new HQ is designed to optimally facilitate the creative output of its employees

Creative Destruction

The meaning of creativity from both a Western and Eastern point of view

Making the EU Great Again

Why not show European citizens the creative potential of the EU and improve its image along the way.

A good plan violently executed

While young Boyan Slat is determined to rid the oceans of plastic, the experts keep telling him it’s not a good idea

Shell’s looming Kodak moment

How the trend towards renewable energy disrupts Shell’s core business and why the company should quickly reinvent itself

Thinking differently

'The Big Short' reveals how Asperger Syndrome can be a blessing for obtaining a fresh perspective on the world

It takes three to tango

Walter Isaacson's book 'The Innovators' describes how successful inventions are built on vision, engineering skills and entrepreneurship

Creative by influence

Researchers at Rutgers University create an algorithm that assesses a painting's originality by its influence on others

The fragile nature of the muses

How Nick Cave poetically explained to MTV that his muse is not a horse and he himself not in a horse race when creating music

Rembrandt’s innovations

Wouter Boon visited a lecture by Rembrandt specialist Gregor Weber and this is what he learned.

The virtue of ignorance

Creative value, experts and motivation; the lessons to be learned from Alejandro González Iñárritu's Birdman

Creative Madness

How music celebrities struggle with stardom, mental disorders and drug abuse

The global coffee house

Six positive influences of social media on creativity

Tech nerds wear t-shirts

Why the world of digital start-ups cares less about looks and lifestyle