2 responses to “The virtue of ignorance”

  1. C. Thomas Boone says:

    Destined to achieve a long-term “cult” following larger and even more difficult to please than did say genre classic, Black Orpheus, BIRDMAN dares to fly too close to the sun only to create the invincible – the difference between “I believe I can fly” and metamorphosizing into Icarus (who optimistically this time will not be burnt by the iridescence and speed of protracted exposure to light rays). A veritable kaleidoscope of slightly zany lines meant to be ever so mean that collide and implode to become – if only ignorance had not been such a virtue. Your review fused many threaded knots and loose ends for me and I personally want to thank you for taking the time – what an absolutely brilliant “black comedy” Birdman is! One of the best films of this genre I have seen in many decades –

  2. Haseeb Rasheed says:

    The unexpected virtue of ignorance… Birdman Outclassed all the contemporary movies. The great creative idea to become successful both inside mind and for outside world to become a birdman and fly above all the peoples so far away you don’t even think about other opinions what you think that it’s best. I never seen a Cinemography like that it’s truly amazing must watch film… Wow

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