A silicon mind and human heart

Generative AI is a collaborative tool that is depended on human input, but that will also raise the human level of creativity

Aligning an orchestra

Why professor Frido Smulders advocates an ‘entrepreneurial dialogue’ within large organisations

The creative benefits of the coronacrisis

How Covid-19 stimulates innovation and a guaranteed income turns hobbies into jobs

Thinking like a startup

To become the first climate-neutral continent in the world, the EU should break out of its political and economic straightjacket

The creative work environment

A model explaining the relationship between an employee’s creativity and the organization’s ability to innovate

You can only imagine what you know

How an insatiable hunger for knowledge forms an essential foundation for world famous inventions

The Architecture of Creativity

How Apple’s state of the art new HQ is designed to optimally facilitate the creative output of its employees

Making the EU Great Again

Why not show European citizens the creative potential of the EU and improve its image along the way.

Standing out from the crowd

How Dutch artist and inventor Daan Roosegaarde is reduced to a showman and a fraud in Dutch TV program College Tour - and why it left me puzzled

Why robots will work for us

The robot revolution will easily generate new, specialized human jobs, rather than just take them away

A chimp throwing darts

The book 'Superforecasting' teaches how experts can become better predictors

Looking for perfection

Mischa Rozema recently sold his feature film 'Sundays' to Warner Bros. In an interview he explains how he got there and manages the creative process.

The global coffee house

Six positive influences of social media on creativity

Brainstorming on your own

By connecting 'remote associations' Seenapse is the first step towards the digital brainstorm

David Lean

The film director that was hard on himself as well as his people

The New Rijksmuseum

How creativity and democracy are opposites in the creative process