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  1. Wouter, thank you for reviewing Seenapse. Very insightful post. What I would answer to the question, “isn’ t this what Google already does?”, is: Google excels at the research phase, because it finds what you’re looking for. But in the ideation phase, you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, and so using a search engine can be frustrating, or limiting. Seenapse will bring the non-obvious results, and one of them might lead you to an “Aha” or eureka moment.

    When thinking about the difference between search engines and Seenapse, we say that you can “Google it for convergence and Seenapse it for divergence.”


    • Adrian says:

      When I see Google Art Project I see the possibility to combine “personal creativity” with “historical creativity” by making your own individual combinations (you can curate your own galery) with existing (more or less) historic creative artworks.

      This can also be done with associations in your own mind. But by watching or comparing the different galeries you can make new associations with new values.

      I am interested in how this may contribute to domains like e-culture and/or digital culturural enterpreneurship in the fields of creative industries.

  2. Lamia says:

    Am also thinking about Pearl Trees (don’t know if you remember that app? pearltrees.com) that aims to organize and connect ideas in an intuitive way… Maybe we will see in the future more and more of those online applications being a kind of extension of how our brain works and connects ideas with each other ..?

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