You can only imagine what you know

How an insatiable hunger for knowledge forms an essential foundation for world famous inventions

Creative Destruction

The meaning of creativity from both a Western and Eastern point of view

Thinking differently

'The Big Short' reveals how Asperger Syndrome can be a blessing for obtaining a fresh perspective on the world

A chimp throwing darts

The book 'Superforecasting' teaches how experts can become better predictors

It takes three to tango

Walter Isaacson's book 'The Innovators' describes how successful inventions are built on vision, engineering skills and entrepreneurship

Defining Creativity goes USA!

In November Wouter visits New York and San Francisco to give lectures about creativity

The beauty of creativity

How our ‘aesthetic sensibility’ is naturally attracted to creative ideas

Defining Creativity goes Asia!

Wouter Boon will be giving lectures about creativity in Shanghai and Singapore in July / August

Book talk and signing

The American Book Center, May 24, 2pm

Book Launch!

13 March, 5pm, Pakhuis de Zwijger